to the few who have been following this blog thus far, I’m moving to a self-hosted WordPress site and it is

All in the name of progress, right  😀

Ziva Picha

Learning Curve

Earlier today, I was trying to come up with a controversial little article to see if I could actually make this blog public. Well, my brain sort of trolled me and left me looking daft so I will blog from my pain and frustration instead.

I’ve been shy about making this blog public. Its not quite right yet. I can’t make the type of posts I like. I’m terrified it will simply fizzle out. Thing is, these are just emotions and in all truth, emotions pass and are never a big deal in the bigger picture. Huh. Wish someone told me that in high school :p

Anyhoo, onward fashion and style soldiers ! I will understand WordPress one way or another. I will ressearch and get irritated and find something out and tweak till my fingers bleed. I will not be moved ! You, dear reader(s) will find awesome pictures and content.

I will cruise this curve.

Your radiantly determined and frustrated photographer and writer,


Ziva PichaImage

The Maasai Market

These are some photos I took some time back at Maasai Market on Sunday at town.

Know that place behind KICC ? That parking lot, yeah. That one 😀 Anyhoo, my point is Maasai Market is a Kenyan girl’s go to place for jewelry that doesn’t empty the purse while keeping it real. I say this cause of the other side of jewelry is exhibition plastic and costume jewelry. Not that they all look bad but man, if its imitating gold, it tends to look cheap but bead work is an African classic.

Pretty, ain't it ?

Pretty, ain’t it ?

Also, layering these pieces is fantastic and best of all, these Maasai Market stalls also sell raw materials as well so you can design your own stuff.

The traders organize themselves and are different places at different days of the week.

This also means different moods and different prices i.e. barbie na sufferer 🙂 I find the one at CBD the cheapest while somewhere like Junction on Thursdays a bit pricey. Malls away from Westlands i.e. Capital Center on Thursday/Wednesdays are great for sandals and bags

Purse and bag close-up

Purse and bag close-up

So keep it radiantly Kenyan and head on down any time soon there.

also, remember there is tourist and locals prices. Basically the lighter you are on the colour spectrum, the more you fork out 😀 Oh well, there is always haggling . . .

the ones I know are at Sundays at CBD(Law Courts Parking lot),Safari Park and Yaya Center. Tuesday, Off Kijabe Street near TBC and at Westgate Shopping Mall. Wednesday Capital Center, Mombasa Road. Thursday at the Junction, 3rd floor parking. Friday,The Village Market. Saturday, Law Courts Parking lot.

I’ll be doing more on this amazing markets soon, giving out more details on clothes as well.

If you have more info, let me know, we help each other.

Ziva Picha


This has been my favorite word and principle for the past year or so. It has helped me forge ahead with my dreams and grow out my fears. Heck, this blog and trying to figure out what to post or write before the actual business start s, has been a project of faith and hope.

Everything I’m doing thus far is to push and freak out beyond my limits so something awesome happens. So far, its happening  bit by agonizing bit, I’m going some where.

Oh dear.

Ziva Picha


One of the things that I want encountered in this blog is variety. As I market the various shops and areas, I want the reality of Kenyan fashion experienced.

That is to say, mix and match. Very few people actually wear all their stuff new. mtumbaa is both a best friend and a source of a lot of face-palm moments for a lot of stylists and fashion insiders. So the best thing to do in this case is if you can’t beat them, join them.

So, one of the main shops I will be selling to you is second-hand outlets all over Nairobi. from the guys who come out only at 8 o’clock on Tom Mboya street to Gikomba and its treasure corners. I’ll bring all to you and let you build your own radiant style.

looking forward to talking with you more

Ziva Picha

The first one . . .

This is simply a plan plotted taking its first flight.

My plan is to connect fashion insiders, shops and people together with my photography, agency and more ideas to come.

It is my hope that we all benefit from this growing plot and be even more awesome together.

stay radiant ! 

Ziva Picha.